Fighting Is Not The Solution

It’s human nature to think that the grass is always greener on the other side. The same notion applies to hair.

But instead of you envying others’ hair, how would you like having hair that’s to die for?

Let us give you some tips on how to achieve that.

Fine Hair- Researchers at Pantene discovered that fine strands not only have a smaller diameter than other hair types, they also have a “don’t touch me” attitude. Thick fibers rub up against each other creating volume, fine hair doesn’t. Use a volumizing shampoo and add volumizing mousse to the roots of your hair.

Curly Hair -Multiple types of curls are on each head of curly hair, so the name of the game is control. Strands take twists and turns causing the cuticle to lift, giving the appearance of dryness. The cut is critical in controlling curly hair. Layers are essential and so is the shampoo. It must be gentle and go easy on product!

Thick, Coarse Hair- You’ve got thickness, volume and the envy of the rest of us! But the large diameter of thick hair means it absorbs more moisture from the environment. And that means frizz. Good quality hair oil is key here. It adds shine, softness, and seals in moisture. Use a ceramic-coated styling brush to speed up blow-drying time.

We all have our own natural beauty. The trick is to understand what your hair needs and how you can work with it.

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