How To Fatten Up Fine Strands!

Every woman wants to be skinny, but it’s the last thing she wants when it comes to hair.

So what do you do if Mother Nature didn’t get the message? You fight back, and it all starts with the cut. Without it, nothing else will work well.

That’s why we talk to you about your hair texture, what you want to achieve with it, and how your cut will get you the results you want.

After the cut, follow our styling instructions and:

– Use a volumizing shampoo to add thickness

– Condition with care, avoiding silicone ingredients that can weigh down your hair and flatten volume. We’ll show you the products that work best

– Use light styling products like mousse

– Target your roots for lift with a volumizing spray. This will give the appearance of more hair

With our expertise combined with the right products and styling, your hair can look full and beautiful!

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