Why Curly Girls Love Balayage Highlights

Curly hair naturally has twists and turns, which can cause it to look less healthy and shiny. But if you look at curly hair in natural sunlight, you can see how the curls reflect light in certain areas.

With balayage highlights, we recreate that very effect on your hair so that your curls dance with healthy color all the time!

The balayage technique is very different from foiling, which colors chunks of your hair. With balayage, each curl is individually painted, starting with heavy color at the tip of your hair to a very light application near the hairline.

We can choose the size of the highlights, place them close to one another, or far apart, and make them thick or thin. In other words, the look is very tailored.

Because balayage is so versatile, the result is a healthy, natural, glossy look that adds dimension to curly hair.

Grow out is a breeze because of the thin application of color near your hairline. And you don’t have to get your highlights touched up as often, either.

With the “less is more” approach, a little bit of highlighting gets you big results with far less damage than foiling.

So rock those gorgeous curls! Let your hair’s natural beauty shine all the time.

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